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Lowsaltcookbooks.com and lowsodiumcookbooks.com started in July 2008 as an idea of Michiel Bon. While looking for diet cookbooks , there was no site for low sodium/ low salt cookbooks, while many people have a low sodium diet.

Therefore this site was started to give people the opportunity to cook nice food while keeping their diet restrictions. This should help people with heart problems, hypertention, but also anybody who wants to eat healthier can benefit from.

My mission with this site is to help the site visitors choose healthier foods for their diets and give them more fun in cooking.



Michiel Bon is a dutch Project manager with a passion for traveling, history, cooking and internet. He is also owner of Bon Services.

Bon Services is a full service PR & Marketing agency. One of the activities of this company is the development and exploitation of websites.


Some of the websites of Bon Services are:

ˇ www.lowsaltcookbooks.com

ˇ Www.war-book.com

ˇ Www.sweater-shop.com



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